About Us

about usSteve and Debbie Wilson are the founders of Marriage Matters Now.  Our hearts desire is to help marriages be stronger, healthier, more fulfilling and most importantly, reflect the love of Jesus. At the 12 year mark of our marriage, the walls came crumbling down.  Through God’s grace and our willingness to admit fault and put our pride down, God rebuilt our marriage and taught us that real love demands a multitude of sacrifices.  We became passionate about our own marriage and God gave us a passion for all marriages.  We have been married for 36 years and are so excited to travel the world speaking to couples that crave a better marriage and hope!  

We are blessed to have 3 children, a son in law, a daughter in law and 4 precious grandbabies. Please know that our heart is for you!!!  IF we can serve you in any way, please allow us to.  Use this website to keep up with the latest on Marriage Matters Now, our schedule of events and our store of resources.  We would love the opportunity to do a conference in your area or church.  Our hand in yours will make a difference in marriages today!!!

About Marriage Matters Now

Marriage matters Now is a website devoted to helping couples around the country and the world to enrich and strengthen their marriages through teaching, counseling and the understanding of each others needs. Through compromise and forgiveness based on biblical principles, Steve and Debbie Wilson can show you how to rebuild and maintain a solid marriage and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. You have heard about unconditional love. Now learn how to have unconditional forgiveness in your relationship. Yes that can happen and when that happens, you learn how to fall deeper and deeper in love with your spouse, even through the hard times. Steve and Debbie have a unique and special ministry to help couples experience the most from their marriage.